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Welcome! BookGirlTV’s mission is to save readers time and money by curating books that help us thrive, and to keep books (and reading) front and center in the digital world.

We air best-selling and emerging author interviews and BookGirlBUZZES (1-2 min book reviews) to inform and inspire readers and writers everywhere.

Shows air on YouTube, BookGirl.TV, afterwards on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, BlipTV, Dailymotion, iTunes, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, Frequency, Roku (the #2 streaming device for connected TVs reaching 10 million US viewers), and all connected TVs. A mobile app, BookGirlTV BUZZ, is also available on iOS and Android.

We have 4 goals:


1. we aim to save readers time and money, and keep books (and reading) front and center in the digital age.

2. to offer readers who’d like to be in a book club – but are not currently – an interactive, entertaining and life-enhancing monthly video book club that fits their schedule.


3. to share the strategies and wisdom of successful authors with other, newer writers following in their footsteps.

4. to shine a light on under-recognized women writers, both emerging and best-selling.

5. to offer committed writers a pathway to a successful writing career, from inspiration to first draft to revision, and then on to publication and marketing.


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* Writing courses with Tessa Smith McGovern at The Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, and in Fairfield, CT.

* BookGirl Buzz – 1 – 2 minute video book reviews of fiction, memoir, self-help and lifestyle books that help you reach your goals and live a balanced, fun life!

* Gifts for readers and writers in our shop.

BookGirlTV connects, informs and motivates readers and writers. We love to share great books, and we love to spread the word! On Facebook we have over 168 million impressions and a single post alone (Helen Wan, THE PARTNER TRACK) reached over 1.8 million FB users with 3.7k engagements. Another FB post (Marilyn Allen, co-author of THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO BOOK PROPOSALS AND QUERY LETTERS) reached 1.1 million readers with 5260 engagements). On YouTube we have over half a million views.

BookGirlTV. Becoming our best selves!


Tessa Smith McGovern is an award-winning author, founder of eChook Digital Publishing and teacher at the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College. McGovern also is the host and executive producer of the award-winning BookGirl.TV web series.

Accolades include: 2013 Award for Best Video from the Connecticut Press Club, 2011 eLit Awards (Gold medal as a writer) and 2011 eLit Awards (Silver medal as an editor).

Tessa loves books, and is a lifelong reader and writer. She shines a light that helps women move forward, find their strength and share in a dialogue that encourages them to thrive. Through sharing her experiences, and those of other authors, her goal is to empower women readers and writers to find balance, have fun and achieve their goals.
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