BGBUZZ: ‘The Spy Who Loved’ by Clare Mulley (2:03)

The little-known, astonishing story of Christine Granville, Britain’s first female spy in World War 2. Daughter of a feckless Polish aristocrat and a wealthy Jewish mother, a relative of the composer Chopin, she was a mesmerizing woman, a beauty queen who took on incredibly dangerous missions, including parachuting into France behind enemy lines. She had many lovers and a quick wit that once saved the lives of several fellow officers just hours before their execution by the Gestapo. The intelligence she gathered contributed significantly to the Allies’ victory and she was awarded the George Medal, the OBE, and the Croiz de Guerre. Amazing!

BUZZ Series 2, Episode 7

“Hi, this episode is about a book called “The Spy Who Loved’ and it’s a little known, fascinating story of a woman called Christine Granville who was the very first British spy in the Second World War. She was born in 1908 in Poland to a Polish aristocrat and a Jewish mother and she was a beauty queen and when war broke out she fled to England. And was recruited by the Special Services there and went on mission after mission – incredible missions.  She really did thrive on danger. She even parachuted behind enemy lines in France. And those agents had a six week life expectancy. She was incredibly quick witted and talked her way out of arrests a number of times and saved the lives of men, other agents. Those men banded together after she was murdered in 1952, in South Kensington, London and they formed a group called ‘The Club Who Saved’. It was basically men whose lives had been saved by her and they wanted to protect her memory.

It’s really fascinating, she’s an amazing character. The reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are mostly 4 and  5….the story is so engaging, its really worth the time.”