BGBUZZ: ‘Foreign Affairs’ by Alison Lurie (1:26)

This book is a comic masterpiece. Virginia Miner, a lonely, unmarried fifty-something professor, is living in London while she works on a book about children’s folk rhymes. Her view of the world and herself is wonderfully humorous despite having given up on love – witness her imaginary dog, Fido, a dirty-white Welsh terrier mutt who represents self-pity – and then, tada! She meets an Oklahoman tourist – of all people – and begins an affair which at first seems highly improbable and yet, surprisingly, changes her life.

This book won the Pultzer Prize for Fiction in 1985 and has, to my mind, a perfect ending. Such a joy to finish a book and have it dwell in the imagination all these years! Watch the video to find out why it’s still worth reading today.

BUZZ Series 1, Episode 4


“Hi, if you’re looking for something to read I can thoroughly recommend ‘Foreign Affairs’ by Alison Lurie.  Its about Vinnie Miner, a 50-something college professor who goes to England. She’s a children’s literature professor.  Vinnie is lonely but she’s used to being lonely and she thinks love is just something that’s not meant for her. It’s not at all sentimental, beautifully realistic, beautifully written and actually quite humorous…let us know what you think on our Facebook page, BookGirlTV. Thanks for watching!”