BGBUZZ: ‘Is This Tomorrow’ by Caroline Leavitt (2:30)

It’s Boston in the 1950’s, and Ava Lark is a single working mother trying hard to keep things together. All she wants is to raise her son to be a successful man and, for herself, a love that might last. But, by the end of chapter one, a child goes missing, and Ava and her family and friends must deal with the fallout. Watch the video to learn more, and see which original cocktail these characters inspired!

“Hi, this episode is about ‘Is This Tomorrow’ by Caroline Leavitt. This is a book about Ava Lark and it’s set in the 1950’s. She’s a single, working mother. It’s quite a dark book. It is a mystery and it involves a child who goes missing. It’s absolutely compelling from the first page. The characters are very sympathetic, the situation is very engaging emotionally. The writing is either good or lovely – there’s one sentence about girl’s hair spilling like ink down her back which I thought was quite lovely. And it really is very compelling and will give you a complete break, you won’t be able to think about anything else if you’re reading it…Inspired by Ava’s coconut and pear pie creation we’ve created a cocktail which has coconut milk and we call it a Musetini, to pay honor to that moment when our creativity is in full flood.  So it’s vodka, coconut milk, pear juice and a pear garnish. …Mmm, delicious! Cheers!”

BUZZ Series 2, Episode 6

For the Musetini recipe, click here.