BookGirlBUZZ: Reshma Saujani’s ‘Women Who Don’t Wait in Line’ (4:00)

Reshma Saujani’s memoir describes her epic failure, her technique for transcending shame and embarrassment, and how she moved on to create epic success. Once a NY Deputy Public Attorney, she’s an AOL/PBS Maker and has been named one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in NY by Forbes.

BUZZ Series 4, Ep.4

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“It was the day after Reshma Saujani’s public failure. She woke up in a hotel room surrounded by half eaten Oreos and Champagne, unopened. She felt completely ashamed – and she sobbed. It was 2010, she’d run for Congress and really thought she might win – she even called people the night before and told them it’s be close – but ended up with just 19% of the vote.

She’d invested all of her life savings in the campaign and she’d lost it all, but she felt that she’d done something worse than that – she’d let down her friends and supporters, the people who were closest to hr who’d also invested months of their lives and their own savings on her behalf. In her book, Women Who Don’t Wait in Line, she describes her feelings of deep shame and embarrassment the morning after, and her fear of the public humiliation that she knew was coming on social media.

…She heard messages of support, how loss can make you stronger, how she should be proud that she ran the race on ideas, not incumbency, and that the key now was to pick herself up, dust herself off and approach failure with enthusiasm.”

“…So Reshma, former New York Deputy Public Advocate, is the first Indian American woman to run for Congress and Founder of the non-profit Girls Who Code, which is closing the technology gender gap – wonderful stuff! In Women Who Don’t Wait in LIne she also talks about the importance of having a supportive network of people. She says it’s our aversion to risk and failure thats holding some women back – and advocates a new model of female leadership where women encourage and support each other, which will make a big difference!”

“…So in honor of making lemons into lemonade, as Reshma did, I’ve created a cocktail called and Epic Fail Float to remind us that failure can herald success if we don’t wait in line.”

“Here’s to you, cheers! Thanks for watching!”