Student Testimonials

‘Writing for Digital Media’ at The Writing Institute, Sarah Lawrence College, New York

“If you are planning to write for the digital media, you must meet Tessa Smith McGovern…Her knowledge of the internet, the publishing world, and the steps to successful digital publishing is current and extensive. She has valuable insight into the psychology of writing and writers. In her classes at Sarah Lawrence College, she can be charming and encouraging, while holding a writer’s feet to the fire.” – Jeanette Gould

“Tessa Smith McGovern’s class ‘Writing for Digital Media’ is one of the best writing classes I have ever taken. In addition to teaching us step by step how to blog and tweet and link our pieces to Facebook so we could truly begin to build a platform for publishing, Tessa’s advice and critique of our writing was unfailingly helpful and supportive. Tessa individualized our assignments so that each student made progress in her work. I cannot recommend this class highly enough.” – Florence Reiss Kraut

“Tessa was a remarkable teacher, not just of writing in the digital age, but of the art and craft of writing in general. Her vision was timeless and inspired, and her course was truly life changing for me.” – Jeanne Chinard

Developing Your Online Presence, Online Class

“I took Tessa Smith McGovern’s online course, “Developing Your Online Presence” and by the end of the course I was online! I wanted to develop my writing presence and needed to learn how social media could help me. Tessa pointed out all the ways I could make a presence for myself online in a clear and concise manner. I started with barely an existence online and in eleven weeks had purchased domain names and started a blog. I also created a place for myself on Facebook, Pinterest, and Goodreads. Tessa was always available to answer my questions and to be a source of support and encouragement. I now have a brand, a strategy, and a goal. I would highly recommend Tessa’s course on “Developing Your Online Presence” to others who want to learn how to be a part of social media.”

Lori Pelikan Strobel

Please note: The format of the Online Class ‘Develop Your Online Presence’ is self-paced and includes a thirty minute optional phone consultation with Tessa Smith McGovern at the end.