Barbara Hannah Grufferman: ‘The Best of Everything After 50’ (29:08)

Prepare to be inspired. Barbara explains how she lost 15 lbs (in her 50’s), beefed up her exercise routine and increased her energy. This is the best book I’ve found for disseminating crucial information and making you WANT to follow its advice. She distilled the best advice from experts for women (of any age, not just 50+) including health & vitality, skin care, fashion, money and sex. She’s the Positive Living Expert for AARP and host of ‘The Best of Everything’ video series. Watch them. They’re only a couple of minutes long and they’ll make you want to exercise. I watch one most mornings to set my intention for the day’s exercise – she’s truly an inspiration (ran her first NY marathon at 55!). She’s also the National Osteoporosis Foundation’s first Ambassador and a blogger for the Huffington Post. Series 3, Episode 5

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